About us

Faster Academy is a tool for sharing experiences, skills and knowledge, a place to exchange know-how to grow professionally.

The Academy is at the heart of the Learning Organization. It is a physical but also a digital and virtual place where people receive training, but are also active subjects of the development and sharing of skills.


Our history

September 2012 Faster Academy was founded with the need to continuously and constantly train its operators with the help of the most experienced staff and their significant knowledge.
April 2014 Partly thanks to the consolidated network with employment agencies and schools in the area, the Faster Academy begins to become a training place for people who are not employed and/or without experience in the field of mechanics.
From 2017 to 2019 Faster – with its Special Training Projects - trained about 35 unemployed people, then directly hiring 15 and allowing the remaining ones to become much more interesting - in terms of skills - on the job market.
October 2020 We want to create learning environments, facilitate peer training and encourage direct involvement in training and self-training processes. This is the essence of the corporate Academy: a training model that represents a real business school, a physical and virtual place where knowledge, values, behaviours and strategies for the cohesion and growth of people within the company. The development of technical skills but without forgetting the transversal ones.
September 2021 The recent pandemic emergency has led us to implement its development even more, in order to make up for the lack of events in the presence.


We promote the diffusion of corporate culture and the continuous transformation and innovation of corporate products and processes, guaranteeing sustainability and social responsibility in the reference area.

Our values

Centrality of people
and professional growth

Attention to
development and change processes

Technological innovation

Involvement and commitment
as a propagator of corporate culture and values

Social responsibility,
ethics and sustainable development

Critical thinking
to open up new perspectives for analysis and research